Housing Division

Muckleshoot Housing Authority
Ama Tuatoo Director
38037 158th Ave SE
Auburn, WA 98092
Phone: 253-833-7616

The MIT Housing Committee offers qualified tribal members a host of services in locating, purchasing, and maintaining their homes.

Programs offered include:

Elder New Home Construction - Eligible Muckleshoot tribal elders may qualify for new home construction on their property, services include assistance in obtaining permits, leases and other required approvals.  Architectural consulting, engineering, landscaping, and utility set up are also available. ELIGIBILITY: Tribal members must be 55 years of age or older, meet eligibility guidelines, have a BIA-approved lease, clear Title Status Report or deed to the property.  To apply, complete the application and participate in all phases of the planning process.

Emergency Health & Safety Assistance - The Tribal Housing program provides members with emergency housing repairs related to health and safety issues. Examples of services provided include fixing water leaks, dealing with plumbing or drainage problems, and emergency furnace maintenance and repairs.  To be eligible, you must be an owner-occupant and a tribal member.

Home Repair & Improvements - The Tribal Housing Program provides owner-occupant tribal members with housing rehabilitation grant up to $45,000. Grants may be used for a variety of different projects, including:

  • Repair of structural damage
  • Replacement or repair of roof
  • Replacement or repair of exterior siding and paint
  • Replacement of floor covering
  • Addition or remodel of bathrooms for handicapped accessibility
  • Addition of a wheelchair ramp for handicapped accessibility
  • Addition or replacement of secondary heating source
  • Replacement or repair of windows
  • Replacement of entry doors
  • Remodel of existing kitchens
  • Fencing installation
  • Addition of living space

ELIGIBILITY: You must be a tribal member and an owner-occupant that has not already spent the $45,000 allotment.

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Homebuyer Counseling & Training - Understanding that owning a home is an important life step; the Muckleshoot Housing Program provides advice and counseling to tribal members who need assistance with new home purchases or loan refinancing. We also assist tribal members who are working with lenders to resolve delinquent mortgage payments. The Homebuyer Training Program covers household budgeting issues, credit repair, and potential barriers to home ownership. The Homebuyer Training Seminars are certified by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, and are available to all within the tribal community.

Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance - The Tribal Housing Program provides tribal home buyers with a grant of $45,000 that can be used towards down payments on a new home, closing cost and other fees involved. Whether you are building new or buying a previously owned home (stick-built or modular), you may qualify for a grant to build or purchase on trust, allotted, or fee lands.  Any funds not used when buying the home will remain available for mortgage reduction, repairs, improvements or additions to a home. ELIGIBILITY: Tribal members who have qualified for a mortgage loan with a lender, and have not already spent the $45,000 allotment may apply for the grant.  The appraised value of the home must be equal to or greater than the amount of the tribal grant to be used plus the amount of the mortgage loan.

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Muckleshoot Housing Loan Program - Home Loans up to $567,500 (or appraised value, whichever is less) at 1% interest are available for purchases within a 30-mile radius of the former tribal hall chimney (located at 39015 172nd Avenue SE, Auburn, Washington 98092). Loans provided include:

  • New construction of single-family homes on tribal lands or individual allotted lands, constructed through the Housing Authority.
  • Purchase of new and previously occupied stick-built or modular single-family homes.
  • Refinancing of existing homes, including mobile homes that were purchased prior to June 2000.
  • Rehabilitation of houses and mobile homes (on the reservation only).

ELIGIBILITY: Limited to tribal members who are home owner-occupants, have completed the Housing Authority's home buyer training course, and meet income, down payment, and credit conditions, which financially satisfy the MHLP loan requirements.

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Rental Housing - The Rental Housing Program provides houses and apartments to eligible tribal members at low-cost, affordable rental fees.  Services include access to rental homes, rental apartments, recovery house, senior apartments, and transition housing for persons completing treatment.  We also provide apartment housing for seniors and have emergency housing. ELIGIBILITY: Open to tribal members whose income is currently at or below King County median income.  A hair sample drug test must be taken and passed in order to qualify.