Adult Athletic Sponsorship

Fawn Hutchens, Community Support Services Director
Kristina Jones
38625- 172nd Ave SE
Auburn WA 98092
Mailing: 39015 172nd Ave SE,
Auburn WA 98092
Phone: 253-876-3099 or 253-876-3370
Fax: 253-876-3077

The Muckleshoot Tribe’s Adult Athletic Sponsorship Program is intended to encourage Muckleshoot Adults (ages 18+) to participate in team and/or individual sports or athletic activities.


Muckleshoot Adults may be eligible for assistance up $900.00 per calendar year (Jan.-Dec.) for qualifying activity.

How to Apply:

An application may be obtained from the Recreation Office located in the Youth Facility or download below.  Complete all sections of application, supply all required backup documents (Signed copy of Tribal ID Card stating amount of sponsorship requesting; Flyer or registration of activity, event or team.) 

Return application to Recreation office.

**Additional forms may be required if requesting payment to made directly to vendor – an IRS W-9 form and MIT New Vendor form will be needed for finance purposes.  You may receive copies from staff to provide to your vendor. 

Adult Athlethic Sponsorship form 

Staff Contacts:

Fawn Hutchens, Community Support Services Director/ Certified CYSA
Phone: 253-876-3099
Fax: 253-876-3077 

Kristina Jones, School Age Administrator
Phone: 253-876-3370
Fax: 253-876-3077 

Hours:  Monday-Friday – 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.