Funerals and Caskets

Tribal Council Support Staff
39015- 172nd Ave SE
Auburn 98092

Program Description: Assists tribal members with certain expenses related to the death of a close family member. Either tribal member, community member or relative of a tribal member.

Examples of Services Provided: The assistance to tribal members is $3,394 plus a no-cost casket; grave digging at $150 per grave digger, up to five grave diggers; $1,000 towards cost of a dinner/cooks; and $600 for motorcade costs. Assistance to infants is $1,194 plus the above cited costs, assistance to tribal members who request funds for travel to immediate family member's funeral is limited to $200 per family, and only when the one-way distance is greater than a 75 mile radius from the reservation boundaries. Assitance to Community members is limited to a maximum of $1,000 plus a no-cost casket and requires an expenditure resolution.