Scholarship Program

Muckleshoot Scholarship Program
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Phone: 253-876-3378, 253-876-3380
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The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe seeks to support each tribal member in pursuit of their educational goals. With this goal in mind, the Tribe created the Scholarship Program to administer scholarship and assistance programs that make education funds available to enrolled Muckleshoot Tribal members. The Tribe views Scholarship funding as an investment in both individual and in the future continued sovereignty of the Muckleshoot community.




Through the Higher Education Scholarship program, Tribal members pursuing higher education degrees can receive funding for tuition, books and supplies, room and board, personal living expenses, and travel. 

If you have questions regarding the Higher Education Scholarship, please contact Dena Starr at the Scholarship Program at 253-876-3147 or

Please note that you are required to present your Tribal/ State ID in order to pick up a Scholarship check. 




Fall 2018

June 15th - August 17th

Winter 2019

October 26th - December 7th

Spring 2019

December 21st - March 1st

Summer 2019

April 12th - May 4th

If you have difficulty meeting a deadline or if your school’s calendar does not align with these deadlines, please email to arrange a time to apply. 



  • You must be an enrolled member of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe.

  • You must have a high school diploma or GED.

    • FIRST TIME APPLICANTS: Bring your diploma to the Scholarship Program Offices located at the Muckleshoot Tribal College. Out of State students may email a copy to us.

  • You must be accepted into a regionally accredited college

  • You must complete the Online Application. NO PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Please note that you will need to submit your online application 1 month prior to the start date of the quarter/semester for which you are applying to receive financial aid.



The Higher Education Scholarship Application is now online at

Once per academic year (Summer-Spring), you are required to complete the online application process outlined in the steps below. You should follow the APPLICATION PROCESS before the first quarter of the academic year for which you are applying. For subsequent terms, please follow the RENEWAL PROCESS.

Please note that completed applications take 10 business days to process.


    • WordIcon Personal Goals Letter

    • PDF Icon FERPA Student Release of Information
    • PDF Icon Financial Needs Analysis

      • Only complete the top half of this form and upload it. Bring the original to your school’s Financial Aid Office to complete this form. The Scholarship Program will also contact your school’s Financial Aid Office about the form. Your application will not go to the Education Committee until your school completes your Financial Needs Analysis.


        A. Documents you can obtain on your own:

    • Copy of your State ID

    • Copy of your Tribal ID or Enrollment Verification/CDIB

    • Headshot (Recent Photo that clearly shows your face)

    • FAFSA Completion Confirmation

      • A Copy of the email or page saying “Congratulations, you have completed your FAFSA” is acceptable. If you cannot find this, submit your Student Aid Report (SAR).

        B. Documents you will obtain from your school’s website/student portal or work with staff at your school to get:

    • Class Schedule

    • PDF Icon Degree Plan/Course of Study

    • Grades from the previous term to determine eligibility

      • First-time students should submit an Acceptance Letter.

      • If you are unable to submit your grades at this time, you can submit them at a later date by email to

    • FERPA Release of Information from your school.

      • Please obtain and complete a FERPA release form from you school and authorize your school to release information to the Scholarship Program—submit a copy with your application and turn the original into your school. This will allow your school to communicate with us and share documents or information with us to process your scholarship payments and determine your academic status.



    The online application can be found at


Students who already submitted an Online Application for the 2016-2017 academic year will need to send the following documents to each term to receive continued funding.

  • Transcript reflecting grades from the previous quarter

  • Class Schedule

  • Tuition Invoice

Additional documentation may be requested by Scholarship Program Staff to renew your scholarship.

If you are changing schools, you will need to fill out a new Online Application.

Please note that applications, paperwork, funding, etc take 10 business days to process.


The new Scholarship Policies require each student to attend Scholarship Orientation once per academic year before receiving funding. Required orientation will start with the 2016-2017 academic year (Summer 2016).

2018-2019 Orientation Dates

Fall 2018

Wednesday, August 15th

Winter 2018
       Wednesday, November 28 th

Spring 2019

Wednesday, February 20th 
Wednesday, May 15th 




A variety of Vocational and Non-Vocational Certifications are funded by Muckleshoot Scholarship. This may include tuition, books, and living expenses. To find out if a certification program you are interested in is covered by Muckleshoot Scholarship call us, email us, or drop by our offices.




Tribal members who wish to study for and receive a General Education Diploma (GED) may receive financial support from the Scholarship Program. Tribal members who are enrolled in a GED certification program may receive support until they receive their GED.

Application Requirements:

  • Muckleshoot tribe enrollment verification

  • Must 19 years old

  • Cover Letter stating educational goals

  • GED Student Agreement form from the Muckleshoot Tribal College or a letter from a GED Preparation Institute

  • Proof of Registration

  • Proof of completed Pre-Test

To learn more about support for GED work, please contact the Scholarship Program at 253-876-3378 or

Please note that you are required to present your Tribal/State ID in order to pick up a funding check.

Applications, paperwork, funding, etc take 10 business days to process. 



The Workshops & Training Program funds enrolled Tribal members to attend workshops, conferences, or trainings outside of the Reservation for personal and educational improvement and growth.


Tribal members who wish to attend training sessions or workshops can apply for up to $1,800 once every 2 years (January 1st-December 31st). Workshop funds registration fees, airfare and other transportation expenses, hotel, and per diem.


  • PDF Icon Completed Application

  • Statement of Reason Letter

  • Muckleshoot Enrollment Verification completed by an Enrollment Officer

  • Hotel Reservation Confirmation (Billing Statement)- Please note that most hotels require you to have a debit card or credit card to make a reservation

  • Proof of Workshop/Training/Conference Registration

  • Letter from Official/Counselor/Instructor (Only if you are attending for part of a group or program)

    • This should explain your involvement with the program and length of involvement

  • State ID


Please note that you are required to present your Tribal/State ID in order to pick up a funding check.

All applications must be submitted no sooner than 45 days and no later than 30 days prior to the workshop, training, or conference that you plan to attend.

Applications, paperwork, funding, etc take 10 business days to process. 

For questions or for assistance with an application, contact Laurie Starr-Williams at 253-876-3381, or Workshops& .



All Tribal members should have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals regardless of disabilities. The Developmental Disabilities program provides assistance to Muckleshoot Tribal members with disabilities that impact their life activities and educational progress.

In the past, the Developmental Disabilities program funded:

  • Diagnosis of Developmental or Learning Disabilities

  • Educational Testing and Evaluations

  • Specialized Tutoring


Please note that you are required to present your Tribal/State ID in order to pick up a funding check.

Applications, paperwork, funding, etc take 10 business days to process. 

For any questions or to obtain an application, please contact the Scholarship Program at 253-876-3378 or