Resource Center

Resource Center
Dawn Miller - Program Manager
39015 172nd Ave S.E.
Auburn, WA 98092
Hours of Operation:
M-F 8AM - 5PM



Staff Members: 

Sandra Louie - Senior Energy
Juanita Sam - Outreach Coordinator 
Janice Hannigan – Emergency Assistance
Charlotte Porterfield – Admin Spec II 
Yvonna Moses – Receptionist
Antonio Cabanas – Food Bank 
Luis Esparza – Food Bank 
Renae Ward-Anderson – Social Services Spec









This assistance is available for tribal members and other Native American households living on the reservation.  Food Bank hours are from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Food boxes are only given to households who come into the office to sign up for a box.  At no time will we give a box to someone else for you.  You may sign up for a box once weekly.  Delivery of food boxes is only offered to the elderly (age 50 and older) and/or handicapped persons (with State Social Security Disability letter).  Delivery requests need to be called in before 12:30 PM.


The clothing bank is open to receive clothing donations so that clients in need can look through the donations and take items they need for themselves or family members.  The clothing bank is open during office hours, and is available to tribal/community members.


Emergency assistance is available for Muckleshoot tribal households who are experiencing an emergency within their household.  It is available once per (calendar) year.  This assistance requires an application explaining circumstances, and income eligibility information.  If you are in need of assistance, please come in and fill out an application. You can use it on rent/mortgage, utilities, appliances, furniture (including beds), car insurance (liability only), home telephone service (basic service only-no cell phone payments), car repairs (through a certified mechanic only), homeowner’s insurance, etc.  We no longer assist with temporary housing, except in medical situations.  Our housing assistance is for permanent housing only.  Applications received and complete by Friday will be processed by the following Friday (5 business days).  This assistance depends on availability of funds.


Laundry assistance is available for tribal member households once quarterly.  If you have a need for this assistance you can pick up an application at the Resource Center.  The amount of assistance is based on your household size.  If you have a washer/dryer but need laundry soap, we have soap available on a quarterly basis.

OTHER ASSISTANCE – (tribal member households only)

Our office has diaper assistance, which is available once every two (2) weeks.  We have personal hygiene packs available once a month, which is available to tribal member adults 18 years or older.  We have baby hygiene packs available on a monthly basis.  We also have women’s personal items available.  We have toilet paper available once per month per household.  There is baby formula available once per month per household.  If you are in need of any other type of assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help.  If our office does not assist with what you need, we will assist you with finding other options.


There are two types of energy assistance funds that we receive throughout the year.  The LIHEAP energy funds are for low income Native American households residing within King or Pierce County (excluding Seattle city limits).  Tax Fund energy funds follow the same guidelines as LIHEAP, but must have a Muckleshoot tribal member living within the household.  This assistance is based on funding availability.


This energy assistance is for Muckleshoot Tribal member elders who need assistance with their utility bills.  It is available to the tribal member households once per quarter, and is in addition to the LIHEAP/TAX FUND ENERGY programs.  Please come in as soon as you receive a bill, because there is processing time and if you wait until you are shut-off, the light company may add a deposit to your account.  As of July 1, this program will be subject to Centralized Income standards of 100% of King County Median Income, as opposed to previously being under LIHEAP income guidelines.  This assistance is based on funding availability.


We also are the main contact for commodities distribution.  If you are in need of this assistance, please come in and fill out an application.  We will fax the application in to a STOWW representative, and they will contact you as to whether you are eligible for their program.  We distribute commodities from our office on a monthly basis.  Our next scheduled delivery dates are June 15th, July 13th, August 10th, September 14th, October 12th, November 9th, and December 7th.


This assistance is open to unemployed Muckleshoot Tribal members and to other Native Americans living on our reservation.  This is available depending on funding.  Please call the office to inquire about funding.